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At AHC, how we collect, use, exchange and protect information is important to our clients, customers and staff. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we do this in accordance with the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles (2014). This summary statement provides an overview of our policy.

Our Privacy Policy describes:

  • The information we collect about individuals.
  • How we use client information.
  • Who we exchange client information with, when and why.
  • How we keep information secure.
  • How to access, update and correct information and individuals’ rights to anonymity.
  • Making a privacy complaint;  and
  • How to contact AHC and find out more.

Respecting Privacy

AHC has systems and procedures in place to protect personal information from misuse and loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

We will:

  • Only collect the information we require to ensure we are able to provide both a satisfactory service and a safe workplace for staff;
  • Collect information directly from clients where possible, unless we have permission or consent to access it from another individual or organisation;
  • Always tell people why we are collecting the information and how we will use it;
  • Seek permission to share information with others, except where we are legally required to report information, or where an emergency situation may arise that would be detrimental to an individual or groups’ health and safety for us not to disclose information ; and
  • Individuals have the right to refuse to share information with others and can withdraw consent that has been given previously – emergency and required reporting situations remain exempt.

Feedback and access to personal information:

Clients and customers may on occasions be contacted by AHC to participate in an evaluation of services. They may decline the opportunity to participate at any time.

Individuals who wish to view information AHC holds in relation to them and their services, may ask for a copy or their records.

It may not always be possible to provide a copy of all information in the following circumstances:

  • if information was provided anonymously,
  • where it contains details about other people, or
  • if it would be unsafe to provide information that may lead to harm being done to another person.

If AHC refuses to provide access to a record, parts of a record or to update a record as requested, we will provide our reasons in writing.

We will not charge for lodging a request for a copy of personal information, but we will charge a reasonable fee for the work involved in providing the information and for associated costs such as photocopying.

Further details and information in relation to privacy be requested by contacting us on 1300303770 and speaking to a care services coordinator or the “Privacy Officer’.